Shri Lakshmibai Dharmaprakasan

Shri Lakshmibai Dharmaprakasan Trust is a unique institution, established in 2014 with a
purpose to promote spiritual and national literature to the common people of Kerala at a
lower cost , like Gita Press – Gorakhpur. Shri.A.V. Bhaskaran an educationalist and a social
worker, hail from Ernakulam is the founder of the Trust. Veteran writer & Thinker
Shri.Ranga Hari (R.Hari) is the Chief Patron of the Trust.

The Trust has so far published many books on subjects like YOGA; (Yoga by PATANJALY),
Biography of Rishi Dayanand, translated version of David Frawley-American Writer,
compiling of selected quotations from Sister Nivedita’s Complete Literature and So on.

Dharmaprakasan has brought out Ramayana in Malayalam @ very low price ie., Rs.120/- (The
Price in Market is Rs.300/- to Rs.400/-) during 2016 & 2017. Thousands of
Ramayana copies distributed all over the state.
Periodical talks on various public interested subjects are regular affairs @ LAKSHMIBAI
DHARMAPRAKASAN AUDITORIUM. Eminent literary men, scholars, writers and political
leaders are taking part in these discourses.
More than 25 such gatherings & discourses took place since last two years.


  • A Project by LAKSHMIBAI DHARMAPRAKASAN to spread the message of Ramayana to all Houses of Kerala as it is the prime literature to promote strong family bindings and national awareness. So also to promote our mother tongue, Malayalam.

Rama an Avatar of Dharma is a personality otherwise called Maryada Purushothama.

Let our new generation know about him and his life mission.

  • There are Lakhs of houses still in Kerala who do not have a Ramayana. Though it is a shame to all we Hindus it is a fact. Reason is the unaffordable price. (the price in market is Rs.250/- to 400/- and so on)
  • Here come the project of Dharmaprakasan – to make it available @ the production cost ie, Rs.120/-
  • How can we work it out
  • Our special request to all Dharmikminded persons to contribute by way of sharing the production cost of Rs.100/- in small units of 10,25,50,100 or more copies. All copies you sponsor will carry your name and address as a contributor. For such sponsored copies 10% Nos will be given to you in person.
  • Distribution

There are so many institutions, Temple Committees, Community Organizations, Voluntary Social Organizations, ready to distribute Ramayana at their initiative. For the last two years, our experience is inspiring. This year many such institutions are demanding more.

  • So, shall we expect a sponsorship for a reasonable quantity from your goodself…..?